BMW projects: Highly automated driving

BMW Forschung, München, since 2012
Highly automated driving, development from scratch to pre-production

Based on the ROS communications framework a higly automated (self-) driving vehicle is being developed from scratch to pre-production.
- project architecture
- communication and component architecture
- hardware/software gateways (ZGW-Gateway, CAN, Flexray, Most etc.)
- controller and information components (environment model, vehicle model, etc.)
- responsibility data flow
- offline test environment
- development and administration of the official development environment
- management and administration of management tools

Languages: C++11, C#, bash
Tools: Eclipse, Git/Gerrit, Atlassian Crowd, Confluence, Jira, VMWare Player/Workstation, Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Remote Desktop, VPN
OS: Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu Linux 14.04, Windows 7, Raspberry Pi, ROS Groovy, ROS Hydro, ROS Indigo